Terms & Conditions


1. All the activities and public disclosures relative to the Safes Promotion shall be consistent with that disclosed in the application and approved by DTI-FTEB;

2. Any and/or all changes in the mechanics, prizes, starting dates, termination dates or schedules shall require the prior approval of DTI-FTEB; Processing of the same shall be done within fifteen (15) days from receipt of the complete documents and/or requirements for such; The foregoing changes shall be announced in the same manner as the announcement of the sales promotion before the expiration of the original schedule at least twice before the change is affected;

3. A DTI representative shall be invited to witness the pre-validation of entries, printing and seeding of winning articles and determination of w inners; verify the game/contest paraphernalia. Transportation and other necessary expenses of DTI representative who shad witness, verify, and/or certify as to certain aspects of the sales promotion, shall be borne by the sponsor/s of the promotion;

4. A list of w inners and their corresponding addresses and prizes shall be submitted to DTI-FTEB immediately after the w inners are determined or selected;

5. All winners shall be announced and/or published in the same manner that the sales promotion was announced/or published not later than two weeks after the determination of winners; In all cases where the amount of the prize is five hundred pesos (P500) or more, the w inners shall also be notified in writing by registered mail or any communication w here proof of notice can be verified;

6. All subsequent advertisements, collateral materials and announcements containing the approved mechanic shall require the prior approval of DTI-FTEB and shall further carry in visible print the phrase,

“Per DTI-Fair Trade Permit No. FTEB-______Series of____. Other published announcement shall refer

to the advertising materials with complete mechanics “See _____ for details”

7. A copy of the approved mechanics and other pertinent documents shall be submitted to the DTI Regional Office/s covering the area/s w here the Sales Promotion is being conducted; The sponsor shall send an invitation to the DTI Regional/Provincial Office at least one (1) w eek before the scheduled sales promotional activity requiring presence, verification and/or certification of DTI representative;

8. Final list of w inners and proof of awarding of prize/s shall be submitted to DTI-FTEB Sales Promotion Division thru fteb_salespromotion@dti.gov.ph within 60 days from the last draw date Proof of awarding of prize/s to w inners/s shall be submitted to DTI-FTEB.