We're Famous!

We’re proud to announce that Samgyupsalamat has been awarded with a recommendation badge by the esteemed Restaurant Guru!

We are deeply grateful to be recognized by one of the world’s leading foodie websites for our commitment to delivering exceptional K-dining experiences.

Thank you, Restaurant Guru, for this incredible honor and for acknowledging our dedication to serving delicious Korean BBQ to our amazing customers. This recognition motivates us to continue striving for excellence and providing a K-Good Time!

Our Happy Customers

"Awesome Korean BBQ place in Manila. Good range of marinated meats when you pick the all you can eat option.

Awesome selection of sides which are also unlimited.

Definitely a place to bring your family, but make sure to book if you're bringing a big group! Food: 5/5 "
- Lejan
"I love this Korean BBQ chain and this brunch is one of the coziest and most welcoming. There were practically no people on Saturday evening (whereas in Pasay you have to stand in a two-hour queue to get inside), the waiters were fast. Upon entering we were clarified that they had no kimchi left and if that was ok for us, that was nice.The meat is as usual delicious, like all snacks 👍🏻"
- Polina O.
First of all, the price is relatively affordable compared to other Korean restaurants. For 449 at lunch and 499 at dinner, you have unlimited pork and beef. Furthermore, the side dish is also unlimited, meaning it can be refilled if you want.

Secondly, the food is very delicious. This is the best Korean grilling restaurant I ate in Cebu. They serve different kinds of beef dishes, and they are all unlimited. They are very flavorful, and it is not too spicy, which is a good thing.
- Saif
"Invited to have lunch with friends here and had a very good experience. Not too crowded inside (seating and table setting is good). Long queue for people waiting for available table. Waiting staff are always available and you don't have to wait or call them, they will come to you on eye contact and will ask you if you need something. Samgyeopsal is very nice. Taste great. You have 4 choices to taste. Meal comes with unlimited Samgyeopsal and bottomless iced tea. Vegetables and other side dishes too are unlimited. If you have an appetite for good beef or pork belly, this place is the right one."
- Enrique L.
"If you're from the US and haven't tried Korean barbecue definitely check this place out. It's located in a upper scaled part of manila. We stayed about two blocks away in the Belmont Hotel and walked over. For about $10 per person us or 600 pesos all you can eat for 2 hours. We were only there for maybe an hour we tapped out. We didn't even eat the sides we only ate the meat and there was three of us and we could not do it. The place is nice and clean the staff is plenty quick to fill up your drinks any side you want and any additional meats you want."
- Kris H.
"Best samgyupsal experience for me! You can't compare the quality of their meat to other samgyup restaurants. The ambience and cleanliness is perfect, not too crowded and very spacious. The staff is very attentive and so quick to attain your needs. We had an awesome Sunday night with the fam and kids. I hope someday they can also serve seafood."
- Richard A.
"The food was great. Every meat served to us was great. The side dishes except for japchae were good. I love the cheese dip and the sizzling egg thingy. The serving time was also good and the staffs are attentive. Overall a good place to eat with friends or with family. I recommend this place and I will definitely eat here again."
- Carl J.S.

Have a K Good Time!

So, whether it’s a momentous celebration or a simple gathering, we invite you to come, savor life, and experience the magic of Samgyupsalamat. Indulge in a symphony of K-sarap flavors, create K-lasting memories, and bond over the love of K-food. Because at Samgyupsalamat, every K-moment is worth K-celebrating.